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मेरे गुरुवर... आचार्य श्री विद्यासागर जी महाराज
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    बद्धांजलि हो पूरा परिवार

    प्रार्थना करता है पात्र से, कि

    “ भो स्वामिन!

    अंजुलि-मुद्रा छोड़ कर

    भोजन ग्रहण कीजिए!”


    दान-विधि में दाता को कुशल पा

    अंजुलि छोड़, दोनों हाथ धो लेता है पात्र


    जो मोह से मुक्त हो जीते हैं

    राग-रोष से रीते हैं


    जिन्हें छू नहीं सकते अब

    क्षुधा सताती नहीं जिन्हें

    जिनके प्राण प्यास से पीड़ित नहीं होते,

    जिनमें स्मय-विस्मय के लिए

    पल-भर भी प्रश्रय नहीं,

    जिन्हें देख कर

    भय ही भयभीत हो भाग जाता है

    सप्त-भयों से मुक्त, अभय-निधान,

    निद्रा-तन्द्रा जिन्हें घेरती नहीं,

    सदा-सर्वथा जागृत-मुद्रा

    स्वेद से लथ-पथ हो

    वह गात्र नहीं,

    खेद-श्रम की

    वह बात नहीं,                                                                 


    जिनमें अनन्त बल प्रकट हुआ है,


    जिनके निकट कोई भी आतंक आ नहीं सकता

    जिन्हें अनन्त सौख्य मिला है...सो



    With folded hands, the whole of the family

    Beseeches the holy guest, that –

    “ O Swāmin ! having unfolded the posture of finger-tips - On the right shoulder, that is, Añjuli-mudrā

    Kindly take food!"


    Finding the benefactor skilled at the mode of serving the food - Forsaking his right hand with the special posture, The worthy personage (Munirāja) washes both his hands And, for some moments,

    Having fixed his deep insight upon the nose-tip,

    Absorbs the magnanimous one himself Into the meditation of such Arhat Jinadevas, Who live after being liberated from all delusions Who are fully free from worldly attachments and aversions For whom the births and deaths, old age and decay Can’t touch now, Who can't be tortured by hunger, Whose life-breath can't be oppressed by thirst, In whom there is no place of shelter For arrogance, amazement even for a moment, In whose presence The fear itself, being afraid, indeed, flies away, They are the abode of fearlessness, free from the seven fears To whom sleep and drowsiness doesn't encircle, Always a perfectly vigilant countenance, No such body, which is drenched with perspiration,

    Nothing of the sort of the wearied labours;


    In whom, infinite power is evident –

    As a result of which

    No terror can take them into its fold

    Who have attained infinite bliss...therefore


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