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मेरे गुरुवर... आचार्य श्री विद्यासागर जी महाराज
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    कुम्भ ने अपना दर्शन किया


    धन्य! धन्य! कह उठा।


    जय, जय, गुरुदेव की!

    जय, जय, इस घड़ी की!

    विचार साकार जो हुए


    जो कुछ बचा-खुचा कालुष्य

    सर्वस्य स्व-पन को

    यहीं पर अर्पण किया :

    ‘‘शरण, चरण हैं आपके,

    तारण-तरण जहाज,

    भव-दधि तट तक ले चलो

    करुणाकर गुरुराज!''

    यूँ गुरु-गुण-गान करते

    विघ्न-विनाशक, विभव-विधायक

    अभिषेक सम्पन्न हुआ, प्रक्षालन भी।

    आनन्द से भरे सब ने

    गन्धोदक मस्तक पर लगाया,

    परिवार सहित इन्द्र की भाँति

    सेठ लग रहा है।                                                  


    इसी क्रम में अब,

    यथाविधि, यथानिधि



    अष्ट-मंगल द्रव्य ले

    जल-चन्दन-अक्षत-पुष्पों से

    चरु-दीप-धूप-फलों से

    पूजन-कार्य पूर्ण हुआ

    पंचांग प्रणामपूर्वक!                                                          


    The pitcher (kumbha) views its own image,


    Exclaims to itself, well-done! ‘how fortunate !’


    Victory, victory to the great saint !

    Triumph to this specific occasion !

    The thoughts take a concrete shape, -

    The troubles and agonies of the path,

    Whatever the impurity which remains behind, –

    Every thing is entirely dedicated, here and now, To self-realization : ‘Protect us, your holy feet are

    The ship which floats as well as rescues.

    O compassionate sage of sages ! Carry us to the shores of the ocean of existence ! Thus, while extolling the virtues of the Spiritual Guide-Gurudeva, Is performed the holy bathing (Abhiseka) of the feet Along with their holy cleansing too, Which is trouble-destroyer and prosperity-bestower. Everyone, feeling overjoyed,

    Applies the fragrant sacred water Gandhodaka' upon his fore-head, The eminent trader, along with his family, Is looking like an Indra, the lord of gods.


    In due course now, According to rituals,

    according to means, Under the genuine auspices of the naked saint (Munirāja), With proper representation, Arranging the eight-fold auspicious substances, With water, liquidized sandalwood, unbroken white rice, saffroned rice, With white and saffroned coco-pieces or lighted lamp, incense, dry fruits-The rituals of adoration are performed

    With five-fold sacred salutations !


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