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मेरे गुरुवर... आचार्य श्री विद्यासागर जी महाराज
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    कुम्भ के व्यंग्यात्मक वचनों से

    राजा का विशाल भाल

    एक साथ

    तीन भावों से भावित हुआ-

    लज्जा का अनुरंजन!

    रोष का प्रसारण-आकुंचन!!


    घटना की यथार्थता के विषय में

    चिन्ता-मिश्रित चिन्तन!!!


    मुख-मण्डल में परिवर्तन देख

    राजा के मन को विषय बनाया,


    कुम्भकार ने कुम्भ की ओर

    बंकिम दृष्टिपात किया।


    आत्म-वेदी, पर मर्म-भेदी

    काल-मधुर, पर! आज कटुक

    कुम्भ के कथन को विराम मिल

    ...किसी भाँति,



    राजा के प्रति सदाशय व्यक्त हो अपना

    ...इसी आशय से।

    लो, कुल-क्रमागत-

    कोमल कुलीनता का

    परिचय मिलता कुम्भ को!


    ‘‘लघु हो कर गुरुजनों को

    भूल कर भी प्रवचन देना

    महा अज्ञान है दु:ख-मुधा,


    गुरुओं से गुण ग्रहण करना


    Due to the sarcastic remarks of the pitcher

    The broad forehead of the King

    Was reflected

    With three feelings simultaneously -

    The flush of bashfulness !

    The expanding and shrinking of anger !!


    The thinking mixed up with anxiety

    About the reality of the occurrence !!!


    On discerning some change into the facial halo

    The King's mind was held under reference,


    The Potter-artisan cast his curved eyesight

    Towards the pitcher.


    ...Some how should be ceased

    The utterings of the pitcher, Which were heart-rending! Though self-explanatory,

    Which were future-sweet, but, bitter today.



    ... With this very intention that

    Our goodwill for the King should be expressed.

    Lo, the pitcher is acquainted with –

    The mild nobility of descent

    Inherited through parentage !


    To preach, even by mistake the eminent elders

    Despite being youngers,

    Is a prominent folly which is vainly troublesome,

    But, To

    acquire virtues from the Spiritual Guides i.e.,Gurus.


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