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  • Chapter-28 - Aryika

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    1. Who is called Aryika and which types of their routine duties are ?

    With regard to female body-form, the women observing excellent restraint, are called Aryika. They can not assume nudity like Muni, hence they wear one white saree of 16 hands length and take food in their hallowed-hands in sitting posture. Their remaining activities (ritual) are often the same as those of ascetics. The specific Yogas are forbidden for the Aryikas like Vraksha Mool (tree root) Atapan Yoga, (i.e. to stand facing the Sun in the summer season) Abhravkasha, (i.e. to meditate in open sky), etc. Aryikas have been conventionally stated as Mahavrati, i.e. observers of the great vows. They belong to the fifth stage of spiritual development, (i.e. Pancham Gunasthanvarti). They have been regarded better than Ailakas and Kshullakas. Shravkas pay their obeisance to them by addressing Vandami. Aryikayen also mutually exchange Vandami as etiquette (Samachar). Their place of residence does not remain very near or very far from the residence of Shravakas. These Aryikayen live in the hermitage (staying place of Aryikayen) in the group of 2-3 or up to 30-40. They go for taking food or for adoration of the ascetics, etc. together with the Ganini (the head of the Aryika) or after taking permission from their Ganini or the chief Aryika, not alone but with some other Aryikas.


    2. What kinds of activities are not suitable for Aryikas ?

    Weeping, causing other to be bathed, to feed, to cook, sewing-embroidery, weaving sweater, etc. which suited to the house-holders are not suitable to be done by Aryikas.


    3. What works the Aryikayen do ?

    They always remain devoted to studies, assiduous in learning the lessons of scriptures, in reflecting contemplations (Anupreksha) and in penance and restraint being continuously engrossed in the practice of knowledge.


    4. From how much distance the Aryikayen and women pay their obeisance to Acharya, Upadhyaya and Sadhu Parmeshthi ?

    They pay obeisance to the Acharya remaining at a distance of 5 hands, to the Upadhyaya at a distance of 6 hands and to the Sadhu Parmeshthi at a distance of 7 hands.

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