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वतन की उड़ान: इतिहास से सीखेंगे, भविष्य संवारेंगे - ओपन बुक प्रतियोगिता ×
मेरे गुरुवर... आचार्य श्री विद्यासागर जी महाराज
  • The Invincible Ascetic Aacharya Shri Vidyasagar

    Based on the philosophical foundation enunciated by the last Teerthankar Bhagwan Shri Mahaveer and many Jain Aachaaryas, from time to time, have composed a variety of literature related to life sciences adorned by poetry and other arts that have placed Bharatiya culture in a distinguished and unique spot on the global canvas.

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    प्रेरणा - मुनि पुंगव श्री सुधा सागर जी ससंग 
    प्रसतुति- क्षुल्लक धैर्यसागर 

    In the same tradition, in the world of literature of the 20"-21" century arose a new star as the one who is deft in the art of using simple words, invincible seeker, benchmark of austerity, ideal yogi, at the pinnacle of meditative state, poet laureate, brilliant preacher, possessor of keen intellect, talented innovator, erudite scholar of "Siddhantagam", eloquent orator, prodigious ocean of knowledge and a reflection of BhagwanMahaveer in the form of great poet Digambar Aacharya 108 Shri Vidyasagarji Maharaj, the very sight of whose image of the enlightened soul fills one with immense bliss.

    Whether a devotee from any creed or a mere onlooker, a casual reader ora serious thinker, young or old, male or female, everybody considers themselves blessed by emulating the ideals of his multi-faceted magnetic personality and strength of character.

    Second child to his parents, but with intellect second to none, young Kannada speaking Vidyadhar was enrolled by his father in a Kannada School where he also learned Hindi and English. The strength of spiritual traditions spontaneously awakened and grew in him along with his age. At the age of nine years, the seeds of detachment were firmly planted in his mind by the narrative discourses of Aacharya Shri Shanti Sagar ji Maharaj. His interests in the spiritual path deepened with every day so much that at the age of twenty, he renounced his home and family and took the difficult Solemn vows to seek the eternal truth.



    1999, Gommatgiri, indore

    In Madanganj-Kishangarh, District Ajmer, Rajasthan, in May 1967, destiny brought the wandering young celibate Vidyadhar Ashtge engaged in pursuit of learning to the feet of his Guru - the very embodiment of highest knowledge and conduct-the great poet Aacharya Shri 108 Gyansagarji Maharaj.

    Through his steadfast devotion and surrender to his Guru, Vidyadhar earned his blessings to become a 'Digambara Jain Monk' by renouncing all dependencies and started observing severe penances to experience the eternal truth. As a Digambara Monk, he sleeps on earth or a wooden board with sky alone as a cover, lives life with the detached innocence of a newly born, incessantly wandering. Enriched by the freedom from desires, he partakes food offered by devotees only once a day and even that which is without sugar, salt, green vegetables, fruits or sweets, with the sole objective of merely sustaining a body capable of pursuing knowledge, meditation and advancing austerities.

    To support the principle of non-violence, the ever vigilant and compassionate Aacharya Shrikeeps a soft Pichhi made of peacock feathers used to gently sweep away any small life forms that may be injured by his daily activities, presenting a standard of ideal of co-existence of all living beings. Similarly, he keeps a Kamandal made of coconut to carry water utilized for maintaining simple and essential personal hygiene. Besides these, two items used solely to fulfill his vows of self-restraint (sanyam), he does not possess an iota of worldly goods.

    The pinnacle of his independence, detachment, equanimity, simplicity and tolerance is demonstrated every two months when he plucks the hair of his head, beard and moustache by his own hands akin to plucking grass from the earth without a slightest flinch from pain.


    1999, Gommatgiri, Indore - Atal Bihari vajpayee P.M. of Bharat (1998-2004) & Sumitra Mahajan, Member of Parliament (Present Speaker of the Lok Sabha)

    His penances and celibacy lends his body, mind and words a certain purity, fragrance and glow even though he does not take bath ever because of his "Asnan Vow'.

    Thus, every page of the life book of "Shri Aacharya Shiromani" is filled with divine thoughts, conduct and loving feelings that one never gettired of reading. Everyone agrees that in his presence, it is impossible to take your eyes off him and no one wish to leave his presence. It feels like as if Bhagwan Mahaveer has comeback to life again. This is the very reason that attracted by his divine brilliant glow many a highly educated men and women, even though at the threshold of youth, have completely surrendered themselves at his feet.

    Hailing from ten different states of Bharat, there are one hundred and twenty "Monks (Munis), one hundred and seventy 'Aaryika (Matajis)', sixty four 'Kshullak Sadhakas', three
    1999, Gommatgiri, Indore-Atal Bihari Vajpayee P.M. of Bharat (1998–2004) & Sumitra Mahajan, Member of Parliament (Present Speaker of the Lok Sabha.) "Kshullika Sadhvis', fifty six 'Ailak Sadhakas' who have accepted initiation ("Deeksha") from Acharya Shri who is guiding them towards making their human birth successful. Besides, more than five hundred brothers and sisters observing celibacy since birth are also treading the path of penance for liberation of soul, under guidance of Acharya Shri. Universal creations of this "Mahapurush':

    Acharya Shri has so deeply dedicated himself in the "Yajna' of knowledge, meditation & penance that in very short period, he became famous as a great and deeply knowledgeable writer of Prakrit, Sanskrit, Apabhransha, Hindi, English, Marathi, Bengali & Kannada.

    He has translated Twenty four Prakrit & Sanskrit scriptures of ancient Jain Acharyas in Hindi to enlighten the readers.

    His creation "Mookmaati", an inspiring, unique piece of literature in Hindi is nothing short of a miracle and has been accepted as a "Future of Poetry" by many Literary-writers, serving as a guide to future aspirants in this field.

    The experts concur that amongst all modern literature, the essential style of "Sapat Bayani" of Bhavani Prasad Mishra, "Shabda Vinyas" of Adneyaji, "Chhandasik Chhata" of Nirall, "Prakriti Vyavahar" of Nagarjun, "Baatkahi viritti" of Kedarnath Agrawal, "Fantasy Sanrachana" of mukhboth and "Tuk sangati" of Dhoomil can all be experienced togetherin one place only in "Mookmaati".

    The literary world hails Mahakavya "Mookmaati" as a unique, remarkable epic of modern era. This is the reason that "Mookmaati" has three translations in English, two in Marathi and one each in Kannada, Bangla, Gujarati and Tamil . On this great epic, besides many independent critiques, many a thesis leading to 4 D.Lit, 22 Ph.D, 7 M.Phil & 2 M.Eds with 6 M.A.s have been written and many more are in process.

    This classic epic has been a subject of reviews written by more than three hundred eminent critics of Bharat. This unique gem of literature has been published by the name of "Mookmati Mimansa” by Bhartiya Gyanpeeth in three separate volumes, under the editorial of eminent Scholars Dr. Prabhakar Machare and Acharya Ramamurti Pathak.

    Acharya Shri has also created six books in Sanskrit and twelve in Hindi containing hundred shlokas each on topics of Ethics, Religion, Philosophy and Spirituality which have been published separately as well as an anthology.

    There are more than fifty books compilations of over hundred discourses by Aacharya Shri available for readers.

    Four books of small poems named "Narmada Ka Naram Kankar, Tota Kyon Rota, Dubo Mat Lagao Dubaki and Chetana Ke Gahrao Mein" have also been written by Acharya Shri. These published creations grace the art of poetry in the literary world.


    5 Nov. 2003 Amarkantak - Bhairon Singh Shekhawat Vice-President of Bharat (2002 - 2007)


    14 Oct. 2016, Bhopal - Narendra Modi current Prime Minister of Bharat

    Acharya Shri has also created poems in Sanskrit, Hindi, Kannada, Bangala, English & Prakrit.

    Acharya Shri's extraordinary unique talent is also exhibited in his creation of five hundred Haikus consistent With rules of this traditional form of Japanese poetry.

    Acharya Shri has enhanced the glory of Bhartiya Culture by nurturing and inspiring national identity. He has travelled more than fifty thousand kilometers barefoot covering the states of Rajasthan, U.P., Maharashtra, Bihar, Bengal, Orissa, Chattisgarh, M.P., Jharkhand, and Gujarat establishing each step of the way ideals for nationality and humanity. His comprehensive style accommodating multiple perspectives inspire usto:

    1. Implement Bhartiya Education system in Bharat.
    2. Conduct affairs of Bharat in a Bharatiya language, not in a foreign language like English.
    3. Provide separate schools for boys and girls.
    4. Stop calling our country "India' - a symbol of slavery and instead use the name "Bharat' - a symbol of our national pride.
    5. Say "No" to services and "Yes" to business & professions.
    6. Medical profession is not a business, but a service to mankind.
    7. Develop self-sufficiency by creating Self Employment.
    8. Protect ourselves & others from the delusions of the banking system.
    9. Consider Agriculture as the best of all professions.
    10. Hathkargha as a step towards self-sufficiency.
    11. Saarias representing dignity of Bharat. 
    12. Cow Dairies as living factories.
    13. Meat Exportas a disgrace for Bharat. 
    14. Support full one hundred percent participation in voting during elections 
    15. Brain drain should be banned.
    16. And many more.


    Bhopal - Narendra Modi Prime Minister , Shivraj Singh Chouhan Chif Mintister of M.P., Manohar Parrikar Defence Minister of Bharat


    During his religious discourses, when Acharya Shri makes the clarion call on the above issues with his divine powerful oratory, thousands of people in the audience applaud in complete accord and rise in unison demanding change.

    The compassionate Devotee of Nonviolence, Acharya Shri is moved to tears when in this agriculture based nation with non-violence as heritage, cows and other livestock animals are being killed for exporting their meat. Amidst this dance of destruction, he makes his clarion call for non-violence cow shelters and not slaughterhouses, Let Non-Violence immortalize Bharat Export ghee and milk products that symbolizes Bharat The constitution that allows violence does not represent Bharat The Government exporting meat should not govern Bharat



    Pratibhasthali, Jabalpur

    1. To bring the thoughts of non-violence into action, he inspired and blessed establishing cow shelters. As a result, seventy two cow shelters in five states have been established and are operating successfully, where more than one lakh of cows have been saved from slaughter houses. 
    2. In this presentera of pollution with the plethora of various diseases and perverted medicalprofession, the poor and middle class people are being deprived of proper treatment. Saddened by this situation, the compassionate Acharya Shri inspired to launch "Bhagyodaya Teerth Charitable Hospital" a religiously run hospital, which provides healthcare to poor and needy people in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh. 
    3. Imbued with nationalistic consciousness and with the objective of establishing good governance, he inspired the creation of "Administrative Training Center” in Madiyaji, Jabalpur & Delhi to provide proper training to aspiring administrators.
    4. The increased demand for education of girls with professional orientation devoid of family values is causing the breakdown of family system that formed the backbone of society. To correct this sad state of affairs, Acharya Shri inspired and blessed creation of ideal schools to provide modern education along with traditional values. Three schools named "Pratibhasthali" have been established in Jabalpur (M.P.), Dongargarh (Chattisgarh) and Ramtek (Maharashtra) along with girls hostel in many cities such as Jaipur, Agra, Indore, Jabalpur and Hyderabad.
    5. The plight of poor and widowed women moved the compassionate Acharya Shri to inspire creation of "Poori Maitry", a small scale Industry, at Jabalpur (M.P.) 
    6. The proliferation of foreign businesses in Bharat are ruining the indigenous businesses causing loss of livelihood to crores of people. This distressed and miserable state of people melted the heart of Acharya Shri. He inspired revitalization of Gandhian solution for self-sufficiency by earning livelihood based on indigenous nonviolent Hathkargha. This has led to successful establishment of "Hathkargha" Industries throughout the country. Due to his auspicious grace, many good works are being done for uplifting the Society.



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