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    Love of Nature

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    I have heard that during the chaturmas at Kundalpur, Acharya Maharaj would perch himself on a rock under the open sky, whenever there was a break in the rain. On one such occasion, as Acharya Maharaj was about to sit down, a shravak hastened to spread a mat on the rock face.


    Observing this, Acharya Maharaj smiled and quipped, *This mat is meant for those who are afraid of soiling their clothes. I have no clothes, so I have no fear”. Everyone laughed at this humorous remark. But in a flash, the realization dawned on them that Maharaj was completely at home in natural surroundings, because his natiurdiolae was his own self. And they were overcome with emotion. It is no mean achievement to be able to move about in the lap of nature in one's natural state, without any pretence or artifice.

    Kundalpur (1976)


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