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  • Chapter-55 - Leshya (Passion-stained soul's activity)

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    1. What are the principal (original) kinds of 'Leshya'?

    There are two kinds of Leshya - 'Dravya-Leshya' and 'Bhava-Leshya'.


    2. What is the 'Dravya-Leshya'?

    The colour of body which is generated due to rise of 'Varna-nam-karma' (physique - making karma of colour), is 'Dravya-Leshya' (physical colouration). (J. K., 494)


    3. What is the 'Bhava-Leshya'?

    ‘‘कषायोदयरंजिता योग प्रवृत्तिरिति कृत्वा औदयिकीत्युच्यते''

    (1)The tendency of the vibratory activity (of the soul) coloured/stained with the rise of passions, is 'Bhava-Lehsya', i.e. psychical/volitional passion stained souls activity. Therefore, it is called as 'Audayiki' ,i.e. feeling developed due to Karmic fruition (Rajvartika, 2/6/8)

    (2)Activity of the mind, speech and body coloured/stained with the passion, is called 'BhavaLeshya'.

    (3)"लिम्पतीति लेश्या" - That which stains, is Leshya ,i.e. That which stains the soul with 'Karmas', is called 'Bhava-Leshya'.

    (4) Dispositions (feelings) of mundane souls, is 'Bhava-Leshya'. Other philosophers call it by the name of 'Chittvritti', i.e. inclination or trend of thoughts. Scientists consider it as Halo or orbit of gleam.


    4. What are the kinds of Dravya Leshya and Bhava Leshya?

    There are six kinds of Dravya & Bhava Leshya - Krishna, Neel, Kapot, Peet, Padama, and Shukla Leshya. (Jeev Kand, 493)


    5. What are the characteristics of Krishna ,etc. Bhava Leshya?

    1. Krishna Leshya - Wrathful, who does not give up hostility, who is quarrelsome by nature, devoid of religion and compassion, wicked, mongrel, extremely licentious in sense objects, etc. these all are the characteristics of a person of 'Krishna Leshya'.
    2. Neel Leshya - Extremely sleepy, expert in deceiving and cheating others, excessive greedy, strongly attached to impulses of food, etc., are characteristics of the person of 'Neel Leshya'.
    3. Kapot Lesya - Who is angry with others, slanders others, is envious towards others, disgraces others, praises himself, does not trust others, gives wealth to them who praises him, etc., are symptoms of Kapot Leshya.
    4. Peet Leshya - One who knows what is fit or unfit to do, what is fit or unfit to enjoy, is engaged in compassion and charity, is gentle of voice, is firm in taking decision, are characteristics of Peet Leshya.
    5. Padama Leshya - One who is of renouncing nature ,i.e. charitable, is worthy (gracious), genuine, devoted (ready) to the worship of saints, ready to undertake good works, has great forbearance to pardon even the great offence of causing loss to him, etc., are characteristics of 'Padama Leshya'.
    6. Shukla Leshya - Who overlooks faults even of the enemy, who has no love and hatred or affection for others, is indifferent towards sinful acts, takes intrest in meritorious acts, does not show partiality towards any one nor has any desire of future enjoyments, is equanimous in behaviour towards all living beings, etc., are characteristics of Shukla or pure Leshya.


    6. How many Leshyayen are auspicious and how many inauspicious out of six Leshyayen (passion-stained soul's activities) ?

    Black, blue and grey Leshyayen are inauspicious and the yellow, lotus-pink and white (pure) Leshyayen are auspicious.


    7. Which are most intense, intenser, intense, mild, more mild and most mildLeshyayen?

    Black Leshya is most intense, blue Leshya is intenser, grey Leshya is intense, yellow Leshya is mild, pink Leshya is more mild and the white Leshya is most mild.


    8. What are illustrations (examples) of Leshya ?

    Six persons took out a journey, they had nothing to eat. They saw a tree in front of them. What were their feelings (reactions) seeing the tree, look at it -

    (1) The person of 'Krishna Leshya' says "Uproot the tree then we will eat its fruits".

    (2) The man of 'Neel Leshya' says "Break its trunk then we will eat fruits".

    (3) The man of 'Kapot Leshya' says "Break the branch and then we will eat fruits".

    (4) The man of 'Peet Leshya' says "Break the twigs (small branches) and then we will eat the fruits".

    (5) The person of 'Padama Leshya' says "We will eat fruits plucking them from the branches".

    (6) The man of 'Shukla Leshya' says "We will assuge our hunger by eating fruits which are falling on the ground, on their own". (Jeev Kand, Gatha 507-508)

    ch 55.PNG


    9. Which Leshya remains up to which Gunasthan ?

    The black, blue and grey Leshya remain from first to fourth Gunasthana, yellow and pink Leshya from 1st to 7th Gunasthana and the white (pure) Leshya from 1st to 13th Gunasthana. (Shri Dhavla, book 1/137-139/392-393)


    10. Which of the Leshyas remain in the hellish body-form ?

    Three inauspicious Leshyas remain in the hellish body-form, the Kapot (grey) in the first to second earth, the grey and blue Leshya in the third earth the blue Leshya in the fourth earth, the blue and black Leshya in the fifth earth, the black Leshya in the sixth earth and the most black in the seventh earth. (Sarvartha siddhi, 3/3/371)


    11. Which of the Leshyas remain in the celestial body-form ?

    Six Leshyas remain in the celestial body-form, the black, blue and grey Leshyas in the Bhavanvasi (Residential deities), Vyantara (Peripatetic deities) and stellar deities in the state of incomplete development of the charactertics of the body and the yellow alone in the state of their complete development. (Shri Dhavla book, 2/1/157).


    The yellow Leshya remains in the Saudharma-Aisana pair, the yellow and pink Leshyas in Sanatkumar-mahendra pair, the pink Leshya in Brahma-Brahmottara and Lantava-Kapishtha pair, the pink and white (pure) Leshya in Shukra-Mahashukra, ShatarSahasrar pairs and the white (pure) Leshya remain in the Anata-Pranata, Arana-Achyuta pairs. White (pure) Leshya remains in Navgraiveyaka and the supreme pure Leshya remains in Nav Anudisha and five Anuttar space crafts. (Sarvarth Siddhi, 4/22/485) Specific Mention - The identical psychical/volitional Leshya remains from Saudharma heaven to Anuttar space crafts in both the states-the complete and incomplete states of develop

    ment of the characteristics of the body.


    12. Which of the Leshyas remain in the human body-form ?

    All the six of Leshyas remain in the human body-form.


    13. Which of the Leshyas remain in the Tiryancha body-form?

    All the six Leshyas remain in the Tiryancha body-forms, but three inauspicious Leshyas, viz. black, blue and grey Leshyas remain in two sensed, three sensed, four-sensed and irrational five-sensed beings. (Shri Dhavla Book, 1/138/393)


    14. Which of the Leshyas remain in the human and Tiryancha beings of Bhogbhumi?

    All the six Leshyas, speciality is that the three auspicious Leshyas remain in the state of complete development of the characteristics of the body and three inauspicious Leshyas in the state of incomplete development.


    15. Which is the physical Leshya (Dravya Leshya) of the infernal beings ?

    All the infernal beings are of black Leshya. (Shri Dhavla book, 2/1/458)


    16. How many physical Leshyas are of fully developed Bhavnatrika deities?

    The fully developed Bhavantrikas have all the six physical Leshyas. (Shri Dhavla book, 2/1/547)


    17. How many physical Leshyas remain in the fully developed/competed heavenly deities (Vaimanika Devas) ?

    The physical and psychical (volitional) Leshyas remain identical in fully developed / competed heavenly deities. (Jeeva Kand, 436)


    18. Which Dravya Leshya remains in the state of incomplete development ?

    The white (pure) and grey Leshyas remain in the state of incomplete development. Due to which reason the Visrosopachaya (natural aggregation of Karmic molecules capable of binding with soul but not bound) of all the Karmas remains necessarily pure (white), hence only pure (white) Leshya of the body of all existed Jeevas remains in the state of transmigratiry motion of the soul, afterwards as long as he, assuming the body, completes all the completions (Paryapties) so long the body is generated with the mass of matter-particles of six colours, that is why the Leshya of that body, is called grey. (Shri Dhavla book, 2/1/426)


    19. How many Dravya Leshya are there in human & Tiryancha beings.

    The human & Tiryanchas beings have all the six Leshyas. (Jeev Kand, 496)


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