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मेरे गुरुवर... आचार्य श्री विद्यासागर जी महाराज
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    ऐसा होना असम्भव है


    गुरुदेव ने मुझे कहा है


    कभी किसी को भी

    वचन नहीं देना,

    क्योंकि तुमने

    गुरु को वचन दिया है


    हाँ! हाँ!!!

    यदि कोई भव्य

    भोला-भाला भूला-भटका

    अपने हित की भावना ले

    विनीत-भाव से भरा-


    कुछ दिशा-बोध चाहता हो


    हित-मित-मिष्ट वचनों में

    प्रवचन देना उसे,


    कभी किसी को

    भूल कर स्वप्न में भी

    वचन नहीं देना।


    दूसरी बात यह है कि

    बन्धन-रूप तन,

    मन और वचन का

    आमूल मिट जाना ही

    मोक्ष है।

    इसी मोक्ष की शुद्ध-दशा में

    अविनश्वर सुख होता है



    “Such an occurrence is impossible ...

    Listen to its...cause !I tell...

    My Spiritual Guide (Gurudeva) has asked me


    The word should be given

    To anyone, never indeed,

    Because, a vow has been taken

    By you, before your Gurudeva - the Spiritual Preceptor;


    Yes ! yes !

    If some (Bhavya) that is, fortunate soul,

    Who is innocent, and has gone stray,

    Wishes to get some guidance for proper direction

    In a respectful manner


    With an idea of his own well-being,


    Deliver a discourse to him

    Through beneficial, moderate and sweet words,


    By mistake even in a dream

    A vow should never be made

    To anyone at any time.


    The other thing to be mentioned is that

    The complete uprooting, indeed,

    Of all the shackles

    In the form of the body, the mind and the speech,

    Is Moksa, that is, the Final Salvation,

    Within the stainless state of this Final Salvation,

    Resides the Eternal Bliss

    Which -


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