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मेरे गुरुवर... आचार्य श्री विद्यासागर जी महाराज
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    सेठ के कर्ण-कुण्डल भी

    सादर अतिथि को बुला रहे हैं।


    अभय का आयतन

    अतिथि आ रुकता है प्रांगण में

    निराकुल, अविचल...

    फिर क्या कहना!

    अहोभाग्य मानता हुआ

    धन्य-धन्य कहता हुआ

    अतिथि को दायीं ओर बनाकर

    अतिथि से दो-तीन हाथ दूर से

    प्रदक्षिणा प्रारम्भ करता है सेठ

    सपत्नीक, सपरिवार!

    आज का यह दृश्य

    ऐसा प्रतीत हो रहा है, कि


    ग्रह-नक्षत्र-ताराओं समेत

    रवि और शशि

    मेरु-पर्वत की प्रदक्षिणा दे रहे हैं,

    तीन प्रदक्षिणा दी गईं,

    जीव-दया-पालन के साथ।

    पुनः नमस्कार के साथ,

    नवधा भक्ति का सूत्रपात होता है :

    “मन शुद्ध है

    वचन शुद्ध है

    तन शुद्ध है


    अन्न-पान शुद्ध है

    आइए स्वामिन्!


    The large ear-rings of the noble-trader Are also inviting the sacred guest (Munirāja) reverentially.


    A mansion of fearlessness -

    The sacred guest stays up within the courtyard Unperturbed, unshaken... How excellent then, nothing remains to be said ! Regarding himself to be fortunate enough Expressing his sense of blissfulness with the words ‘well done !’ ‘What a blessed one !', Taking the sacred guest towards his right side, Keeping himself at a distance of two or three cubits, From the sacred guest The noble trader starts making circumambulations Along with his wife and family members ! This scene of today

    Is looking, as if


    The Sun and the Moon

    Along with the planets, constellations and stars

    Are circumambulating the Mount Meru,

    The three revered rounds were made

    With the observance of compassion for all the living beings. Again, with reverential salutations,

    The nine-fold devotional rituals are commenced :

    'The mind is purified

    The word is chaste

    The body is neat and clean


    The food and drinks are pure,

    Proceed please, o Swāmin (Munirāja) !


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